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CM2XL: hips:121 waistline:100-105 pants length:112.53XL: hips:126 waistline:106-111 pants length:1144XL: hips:131 waistline:112-117 pants length:115.5L: hips:111 waistline:88-93 pants length:109.5M: hips:106 waistline:82-87 pants length:108S: hips:101 waistline:76-81 pants length:106.5XL: hips:116 w..
CM2XL: sports shoes:44/45 single shoes:46/47 sole length:34L: sports shoes:40/41 single shoes:42/43 sole length:30M: sports shoes:38/39 single shoes:40/41 sole length:28.5S: sports shoes:36/37 single shoes:38/39 sole length:26.5XL: sports shoes:42/43 single shoes:44/45 sole length:32INCHS2XL: sports..
CMTURN SIGNAL LIGHT: item type:Turn Signal Light function:Turn Signal & DRL color:Amber & White waterproof:IP65 WaterproofINCHSTURN SIGNAL LIGHT: item type:0.0 function:0.0 color:0.0 waterproof:0.0..
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